The #statesofindia series with #philately

Philately is not only about stashing stamps and postal stuffs,it’s also about knowing things with the resources you have and be more vocal about the positive insights the hobby gives you. As an Indian,I would love to showcase our diverse nation through a series of picture of stamps representing the #statesofindia.I am writing this post at a time as we are approaching to celebrate 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence or we say “Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav“. So let me show you the #statesofindia as well as the Union Territories through limiting 3 or 4 philatelic items showcasing each state. I may say each of our states are diverse in its culture and maybe incorporating each into 3 or 4 philatelic collectibles was challenging but I hope I managed to organize this.






























So that’s all for the post,I tried to showcase India through its state and UT through philatelic collectibles,hope you all have enjoyed it and I would be happy to get interesting feedbacks for improving my posts. Thank you

Around India with the postmarks

If someone is an avid traveller, someone archives the photo of the location visited. During the pandemic,if something was restricted it was travelling and being confined to home at that time,I started to think what if I can bring the location to my home only without any digital mode 🤭😁 (sorry I am not telling about going to quantum or VR world). With some off time while in “work from home” mode,I found some input articles about postmarks or pictorial cancellations of India and gradually found there is a whatsapp group where you can get info of the places/tourist location/location of national importance through postmarks (which is a philatelic branch which may not include stamp collecting also),I connected with some friends across India and got to know this is so interesting to collect postmarks where you can know so many interesting things about this country just by a simple black postmarks and this is how started being curious about places about India which I am completely unaware about except some. So posting some pictures of the pictorial postmarks where nearby post offices issue cancellation based on the locations importance. Sharing some of them received so far via postcrossing.

I hope you will find it interesting with travelling the whole India through postmarks the way I got curious too. That curiosity motivates me to learn more about this nation and also be curious in the work I do.

Enjoyyyy watching the postmarks 😉🙂

Because “Har postmark ek kahaani hai”

The famous day of 2022 – “Twosday”(22-2-22) – “Do waali ek din”

This year , an unprecedented milestone date came into everyone’s life in the month of February and just recall ,what you all were doing on that date!!!! That date was 22-02-2022 which was a very special date as it was a palindrome date(it can be read from both sides),ambigram date (it can be read in upside down if written in seven segment display format) and a complete date with all ‘2’s”.Infact, as the day was Tuesday on this date,this day will be fondly remembered as “Twosday”.

As a philatelist it was going to be a special one too as it’s all about saving the archived dates through postal memories. I was working in my lab on some mathematical data when I realised what was the date and I rushed to my local post office to get one postcard cancelled as a special archived memory.

And later as I have a pan India philately network friends, I received multiple postcards from different locations of India with this special “twos day” cancellation. I am posting some cancellation on this famous date which I received as a special surprise from my postcrossing friends. Although,I couldn’t do much effort in writing too many letters to postcrossing friends as weekdays are complete priority for work.I just archived one postal cancellation of university post office in my philatelic memory so that post 10 years I will remember what I was doing on that day!!!!

So stay tuned to see some of my “2’s day cancellation”

And just to make it clear!!! Next 3’s day will be coming in the next millenium (don’t know if human beings will be humans anymore!!!,dinasour may again come back 😅🥲)

#Extremephilately – Going all extreme to capture photos and philately altogether

When I got to know about this term, I was like it’s a damn crazzyy!!!!! thing but never knew I would soon join that club too. This is a field which is more exciting for a philatelist who enjoys photography at the same time for a photographer who finds a perspective while capturing photos to combine with philately. Here are some of my captures where philately was combined with the objects near me.

Philatelic fun with science,stamps and photography – #ScienceandtheScientist

Here I am compiling some of my science,scientist stamps with photos together,hope you will enjoy this philatelic thread

  1. Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein was born on 14th March,1879.He is best known for his theory of relativity which changed the entire course of physics but also his contribution to quantum mechanics is highly acknowledged as well.#scicomm #philately #sciphilately #AlbertEinstein

2. Remembering the legend #StephenHawking on with a special cover-one who inspired millions on how to create scientific impact irrespective of whatever challenge you face.His renowned work on cosmology unveiled curious corners of universe #philately #sciphilately


3. “Science and the Scientist” with #philately – Computer with a stamp on Charles Babbage regarded as the father of computing because of the research into machines that could calculate #xtremephilately #sciphilately #sciencecomm with stamps.

4. “Science and the scientist” Friedrich August Kekule was a famous German chemist who reported his discovery of benzene ring as the basis of major group of carbon molecules (he discovered the ring shape while in a day dream of snake seizing its own tail) #philately #sciencestamps

5. “Science and the Scientist” with #philately. Issac Newton and the ” falling of Apple” which changed the entire course of physics


6. “Science and the scientist ” Nicholas Copernicus formulated a model of the universe that placed the sun rather than earth at the centre i.e. Heliocentric theory of the universe #sciphilately #scicomm #philately #stampcollection


7. “Science and the scientist “- Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921 for his contribution to Theoretical Physics and prominently the discovery of the law of the Photoelectric Effect #scicomm #sciphilately #xtremephilately #philately #stampcollection


8. “Science and the Scientist”#philatelic tribute to the scientists across the world who made it possible to see a ray of hope in the form of #vaccines in overcoming the challenges of this deadly pandemic “we shall overcome” #philately #covidvaccine #scicomm #sciphilately


9. “Science and the Scientist”– “Alexander Graham Bell Day” was granted patent on March 7 for transmitting vocal sounds telegraphically,3 days later he sent the first message through transmitter”Mr Watson,come here I want to see you”#philately #sciphilately #scicomm #invention

Last but not the least – A repository of some of the science stamps which is not just a piece of paper but a story in itself etched through scientific history,events, breakthrough inventions and many more.

Philatelic Collage – An escape to busy workload

As a philatelist, I have got quite a big repository of stamps, and I try to do something and others to bring some innovation in promoting philately. And in holidays or free time,I do one thing with my stamps other than sorting them i.e. Making philatelic collages that is arranging stamps in a order according to particular themes or colours and etc. The collage creation doesnt take too much time on making it,you just have to understand the patterns that’s all. I am sharing some of my philatelic collage so that one can get it better how it looks like

  1. Collage on India on theme “Azaadi ka Amrit Mahotsav”

2. “Philtelic Monochrome”

3. Collage with flower stamps

4. Collage with Bird stamps

5. Queen Machin stamps of Great Britain

6. Stamps together from different countries

Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore with philately

Rabindranath Tagore was a bengali poet,novelist,social reformer who was born in 7th May,1841 at Jorashanko,Kolkata. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his publication of poem collectible – “GITANJALI”. As a bengali kid,its a very obvious thing that a child must listen ,learn bits and pieces of Rabindra sangeet/Rabindra Nritya. It is a tradition quite running out since generations that in every bengali family,the ideals of Rabindranath Tagore,Subhash Chandra Bose is imbibed in a member’s values. Although,I learnt professionally Hindustani Classical Music,but I learnt some Rabindrasangeet of different genres. Now,If I am asked about my favourites in listening music,it will obviously be Rabindrasangeet along with bollywood melody or folk. Today, I am mentioning about remembering the great poet through my philatelic collections.

Hope our upcoming generations have an inclination towards learning art and culture while continuing studies and get inspired from the values of Kabiguru Tagore.

A year more for New Limits.

A very Happy New Year first of all.

As the year approaches, we all fill and thrill with our new resolutions. Past decade has been amazing, enthralling,but at the same time learning to fight new challenges has been the biggest achievement I guess. A decade of so much transitions, from teen to adult , school to university, real communication media to social media and the list goes on. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to those around me ,who stood by me, beared my craziness as well and making me correct to improve over time. I am thankful enough to God that every time I had interacted with positive people some or the other way and their sayings and moments have been captured somewhere in my memories. I wish that my next decade will be filled with equal amount of joy as well as challenges. I pray for health and happiness for every near and dear ones. I pray that , I will be important enough for someone’s life and vice versa. I too had many friends,but only some are there who really understand me ,and always found in “ready to sort mode. ” Last ten years had been a period of consistent change in geography , society as well as ideology from my point of view. When someone crosses 20’s ,one feels that I am the leader of this world,I want to live life higher , but as the time approaches , there is an internal feeling ,if you want to live life on your own terms, you need to work hard and be perseverant enough. But living life on one own terms is not the real happiness, caring for the dear ones make you sensitive as well as patient , we understand what values are , what it means to raise a human being – the earth’s most civilised species (According to science) but also being sensitive ,caring and sharing is the truth to justify human beings are the most civilised species on earth. I wish in this decade I learn toadd values in my life , so that my own values help me to see a brighter and wider version of this world.

Thank you all the special one for the support and gesture you have bestowed upon me , I wish you a new year with new excitements , as well as telling add value in your own life ,so that someday you can be the reason for someone’s smile. Be open to positive criticism , shower kindness to the right people , mingle with the right person , be non-violent with the person you don’t like, respect other’s ideologies, you can’t force someone to see your views , but yes you can be the reason to change someone’s views. Try to add knowledge to what you do. And my Last message Read a lot , because reading kills someone’s ignorance , breaks someone’s negativity.



Image result for some jugaad innovations for green

I have always observed science as a knowledge of multilateral dimensions. Infact religious values and traditions do have some hidden science which is hard to be believed in terms of complex scientific terms , preferably for Indians. It is said that every practical problem has a solution which involves science. THEN WHY IS IT SO ,WE HAVE SO MANY PROBLEMS , BUT NO SCIENCE IS PROVEN TO RESOLVE IT? Because in an urge  to find complex solution,we miss out simple tricks too.When the whole country , world is in dire need to combat climate change,emissions, rising sea levels ,global warming etc etc. (we all are regular to these words nowadays). I am giving a brief overview , how simple science has the solution to overthrow most complex problems surrounding our environment.Can the above mentioned words have its solution hidden in simple science or in our mentality.

I was watching a TED talk by Professor Manu Sharma  of Stanford University. He has developed a FOLDOSCOPE- a 50-cent microscope made from paper with a magnification of 140X(shocking!!!!!) and adopted as a pilot project in many  african countries,and the simple science is truly amazing – the science of origami – an extra class subject ,we used to have in our schools to make birds and flowers from papers,which I never focussed to understand the basic science behind it.Don’t you think,it is a true game-changer for climate change(directly or indirectly). We all study sustainable development in school,universities , but how many of us know when and where we practically implemented in our life till now?? If as a single person , we try once to solve a simple nearby problem , we can  have a better bunch of solutions for complex problems. Infact , planting a tree is also a solution for this complex climate change.

Like that , scientific development comes with an effective cost. India , as a country which doesn’t spend much on research as compared to developed countries or else the whole of european countries , we all expect that something will be discovered on a slow pace , but there is no time limit. We have no doubt that , India has a huge pool of talented ,hard working youth but this jugaad nation sometimes get deprived of its opportunities. Thanks to the British rule in India, which has given us spoon feeding education system in free-of-cost , a concept specifically derived from the days of Industrial Revolution of 1800s . This system has specifically designed a halt in the track of innovation . Problem led to another problem , bureaucratic hurdles , politics, corruption deepened the roots of problems , and so then a break comes in the innovation , we ceased to discover something new over a time. But thanks to an organisation in India, which made us to rethink all is not over. The success of Mangalyaan in 2014, suddenly made a drastic change in the science , technology and innovation of India. Suddenly , jugaad was looked as an innovation as well as a solution. the biggest frugal innovation successful so far –The Mangalyaan Mission.  And the whole world got shocked , what science has been used with just 450  crores for a successful space mission. Thanks to ISRO, which made us rethink about frugal science importance to us. I hope all the indian scientists , innovators over the world as well as in India, may have done something in their  life where jugaad has been applied. 

I always believe that , someday those bookish classrooms of schools,colleges,universities  will glow again with  massive innovations for overcoming problems to proof that this land of APJ Abdul Kalam , Homi Bhabha, CV Raman, Aryabhatta, Charaka etc will not ever loose its lustre for hard work, dedication and invention. And the discovery will come at a cost of frugal innovation . More frugal it is, more sustainable the life is . 

And climate change is not just a subject we studied as an add on course in our school or college days , but a serious issue interlinked with every subject , be it science, history , economics , etc , and it’s high time to adopt a frugal path to save this planet. It’s very important to mention about it, or else we would not forget that our target to go frugal can only help our coming generation to live more if this green planet is revived. 

Here I enlist about some frugal innovations of our India, which doesn’t get patented but still it exists in the bushy areas of urban as well as rural India. And highly shared as a meme in the  digital media.

Image result for some jugaad innovations for green"

Image result for some jugaad innovations for green"

Image result for some jugaad innovations for green"

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The twigs of social media

I couldn’t mention what is social media,a media that has captured mass media inside it,a media that has changed the dynamics of generation ,a media which has made the memories of a 90’s kids a history because we are not going to relive these moments with the next generation.

We all have multiple social media account rather than a bank account ,the time is close when no contact address is needed to open bank account ,it can only be done with your Facebook id (my just clueless thought).My point to say like this is because ,nowadays two world exists,one is virtual another is real.One continues a normal human life on geographical mass of earth,another lives a life in social media. I have met many persons,who speak so much on messenger but when they come before you in reality as a human being,they don’t speak,I really have a curiosity to understand the science behind this,is that the reason that “Fingers are mightier than Mouth”?? that when you type you develop words on your own,but when it comes to talking you don’t have words to express.My curiosity is why such that? does our brain have different processing units for different expressions of words??

Social media has different avenues some are addicting,some are interesting,some boost up your confidence ,others degrade your sense ,and sorry to mention the word “Meme” got famous because of the social media,what would have happened if there was no meme in the world of status and posts. I personally feel that social media needs to be used but every phenomenon in science or life has a particular threshold, we should maintain that threshold or control to make us stable ,our activities stable. There are many applications which I see a platform to momentum of expression such as Instagram,Twitter, Quora.

Facebook is the most common platform which have made a reconnection to the world which was earlier detached or less communicable because of slow media be it telephone or letters. In today’s world it’s very easy to find someone on social media than on local streets .But I find a difference in that reconnection,why it is like that you have plenty of friends on Facebook but when it comes to your own to share thoughts you all are alone. What is the need of such media then????My take on Facebook is like that while using it we all are obsessed with likes ,emojis and comments but we don’t go for the depth.

Instagram has become one of the most sought media after Facebook ,where expressions are thorough images ,some are exquisite,amazing , beyond boundaries ,some I don’t understand why it is required to post🤔🤔🤔🤔

I have restrained myself from Facebook and Instagram to understand myself and look into my own behaviour ,I was an active user of such media and will be ,but I need to be connected socially and really,before making myself to jump again in the virtual media .I found Quora as an interesting platform to know people ,write for something,a social platform where connections are made through ideas and expressive writings.And it will be unfair if I don’t mention the world bigger than the Facebook,i.e. WhatsApp,I don’t think we can’t live without it ,24hrs active platform,the technology that ended the trend of SMS packs,the media which has confined SMS upto service messages only,and all personal thoughts are shared through this ,where real status actually exists rather then the dictionary meaning of status 😉😉😉.

There are many more types of social media to discuss about ,it will become a book if I discuss more,social media is not that bad ,it is interesting field of any kind of expression,but use it as a boon to boost up your confidence not to degrade it , control its use in a way so that you connect socially both in a virtual and real way.I named this post “The twigs of Social media” because some twigs in a plants are soft when it is a sapling ,when it grows slowly those soft ones become hard and sometimes converts into pricks which injures ourselves only.This social media is like that when we use it at start we enjoy it ,when the habit gets old with time,it sometimes injures our habits too.

So now having learnt how to put social media into use,the writer will appreciate your gesture of putting it into use by clicking any of the icons below 👇👇👇